This is our home, our business and our dream. We live here with our family, raising three fine young men and growing beautiful flowers all year round.

Eco-friendly and sustainable growing practices guide our operations. In the greenhouse we plant with all natural coir, it's already a recycled product that we recycle ourselves. At the end of a growing cycle we reclaim the coir, steam it and re-use it. We don't use pesticides, instead we try to find natural predators for the little critters that try to feast on our crops. We heat with bio-mass (wood chip) boilers so we don't depend on fossil fuels.

It's always summer at the greenhouse. The entire structure is basically about one acre under glass. It's also fairly well automated. We employ a raised table system where new crops roll in on the east, and migrate slowly west as they grow to maturity. This maximizes that space we have. A system of automatic pushers and rolling tracks cycle the most mature crops into the corner, where we harvest almost every day.