Field and Vase by Stow Greenhouses is a floral design studio specializing in fresh, locally grown, seasonal arrangements using flowers cut from our own family-owned farm which is located 30 miles west of Boston in Stow, MA. Our flowers go from the field to the vase within a day of being cut, meaning they smell sweeter and last longer in the vase. We cut the best of what is blooming each day and bring the flower field to you at your home, business or wedding.

Since we bought the farm in 2010, we have grown Stow Greenhouses from the wholesale cut lily farm that it was to the expanded floral design studio and cut flower farm that is todayโ€™s Field and Vase. In addition to the floral design studio and farm, we operate a retail location at the Boston Public Market, attend seasonal farmers' markets and supply flowers to local floral designers and businesses. We grow over 90 varieties of flowers including sweet peas, peonies, dahlias, sunflowers and many other old-fashioned favorites.

We work hard so that we can bring the beauty of flowers to our customers. We work sustainably so that we can protect our land.  We support the local flower movement and small business owners like ourselves so that we can create a community of respect for the environment and each other.