caring for your cut flowers

When you receive your new bouquet make sure you take good care of them in order to maximize your enjoyment. The following tips will help you keep your flowers looking great and lasting longer. 

  • When you first receive them remove any leaves that will fall or remain below the water line.

  • Using a clean sharp cutting tool, cut about an inch off the bottom of the stems, place them in a clean vase with cool fresh water and add the food packet to the water.

  • Change the water every other day and make a fresh cut every time you change the water, removing another inch or so from the stems.

  • Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight, drafts, and away from any potential heat sources.

  • Our lilies are often sold with their buds fairly tight and closed up. Once they do start to open we suggest you remove the anthers to prevent pollen from coming in contact with your clothing or other surfaces to prevent staining.